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 GET Torn Down

( And the Secret to Finding Peace with Food  Effortlessly Unfolds )

Are You Tired of Eating In Secret Really Fast and Feel Guilty or Ashamed Afterwards?

As you reading this, I'll assume you've answered "Yes" to the above question. And, if that's you, you are like approximately 2.8 million Americans who suffer from binge eating disorder (according to NEDA).

So, you’re not alone!

And, you have just reached a pivotal moment of your life because what I am about to share with you is life-changing. So, let's begin


It may kill you with diabetes or heart disease. But, surprisingly enough, binge eating is not your sworn enemy and waging a war against it always fails eventually.

Things may seem quite different on your end. But please, do bear with me for a moment because I can assure you'll be very happy you did.

I gladly admit I used to believe that all my problems were due to a lack of self-discipline and that I needed to push myself extremely hard to become the person I aspired to be. (That was over 20 years ago.)

So, I took the strenuous route of fighting against my cravings and impulses.

It would work for a short while.
But soon, I couldn't take the pressure anymore. So I would pause the fight and give in. It provided me with a short lived moment of relief until I would hear this inner voice shouting what a big failure and disappointment I was. Ugh!

The shame felt terrible, so I would psych myself up for another round of control-resist-give in-shame.

Nowadays, most people who contact me are stuck in a similar cycle. They fight their cravings, then binge or overeat and shame themselves for it.

Sadly enough, after several years of doing so, some of them come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with them and that they are officially hopeless.

If that's you, I want you to know there is nothing further from the truth.

(There is hope!)

Nonetheless, when you've tried to control yourself for several years without any lasting improvement, it may seem logical to conclude that you are somehow broken.

But, it's NOT true!

The only thing that is broken are the beliefs that :

  1. binge eating is your enemy
  2. self-control and craving resistance are the appropriate approaches to stop binge eating

Yet, they are so prevalent it's not surprising if most women believe them.

 The weight-loss industry constantly pressures you to "push harder", and "be a warrior".

The fitness industry uses the term "boot camp", which originally means a place for training soldiers, and gives you the alarming impression that you can only belong to the winner or loser camp. Eh?

Worse, I have recently come across a psychologist who was advising his readers to resist their inner pig. Yikes!

Maybe, drill sergeants make top soldiers...
but they cannot help anyone make permanent peace with food!

It took me about six years to really grasp what binge eating really was and why it happened. 

And there is absolutely NO food monster nor pig involved.


Once you fully understand how binge eating works, MAKING PEACE WITH FOOD BECOMES EASY, and can even sometimes happen spontaneously.






Now, you may be thinking...
But there is a part of me who deceives me, takes over my mind, makes me do things that are bad for me and binge... 
And, you are right. I'm just saying it is not a pig, nor a monster.

And, you may also be thinking if I don't control myself I'm just going to gorge endlessly.


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