yes. You Can Find Peace With Food in 90 Days

Even if You’ve Binged Every Week for the Past 10 Years

Even if You Obsess on Food All Day, Every Day
Even if You Don’t Believe, You Can Change
Even if You Feel You Have Tried Everything (with No Results)
Even if Food Is Your Worst Enemy and Best Friend at the Same Time.

Steal My Ultimate 90-day Food Peace Switch & Body Confidence Roadmap:

The Ultimate Roadmap for Finding Peace with Food Effortlessly in 90 Days and Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin for the Rest of Your life. 

100% free, no obligation access to a "behind-the-scenes" look on the exact steps I use to help my clients vanquish their cravings, break free from binge hell without giving up their favorite foods, or knocking their head over what they should eat.

My Fail-Proof, 90-Day Food Peace Switch & Body Confidence Roadmap Is Based on Over 40 Years of Research on Behavioral Change!

This is how it works:

Your easy transition to being At Peace with Food & Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin has two Main Stages:

  • Each stage is further divided into core objectives
  • Every single step is easy to achieve and requires very little time-commitment on your part.
  • The whole process is EFFORTLESS
  • You are at peace with food within 90 days (No irresistible cravings, food guilt, or ravishing or distressful attraction for food.)

Laura Houssain, Creator of the Food Peace Switch and the Sphinx Technique: 

I help women find permanent relief from overeating, create positive eating habits, increase their energy levels, improve their self-image and self-confidence, and empower themselves over their emotions and life using psychology, personal transformation techniques, and pragmatic strategies. 

I have recovered from several addictions and compulsive behaviors: sugar, smoking, approval, and procrastination — to name a few.

But I couldn’t have done it without the techniques and knowledge I have gathered through the years. I have also discovered that you need to follow a set of specific strategies in a precise order to permanently change any habit.

Now you can:

Steal my most valuable roadmap

Swipe my system

Save yourself the years of agony and wasted efforts.

Be a darling. Share this with someone you love who battles with food.

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