Stop Food Cravings Fast

Stop food cravingsDo you suffer from constant cravings or occasional cravings that end up in a massive binge eating episode?

Do you feel powerless each time you feel the food urge rising inside of you?

Have you become afraid to eat because you have so many cravings you can’t tell hunger from a craving any more?

Or does it sometimes feel like food is calling you from the kitchen, the drugstore, the gas station, the little shop at the corner of your workplace.. everywhere?

If so, food cravings have probably leached peace and fun out of your life, quite apart from the probable impact they’ve had on your finances and your waistline.

I know. It’s not that you haven’t tried your best. You do so every day, but you just can’t resist the call of food, and nothing seems to work.

It’s not your fault. It’s just that most advice you can find online is either bad or completely useless. I have read the same tips everywhere; call a friend, go for a walk, keep away from food. But we both know you can’t be walking and talking on the phone all day, and that food is everywhere.

So you struggle really hard, having never-ending food fights. This may work for a short while but soon something stresses you out, and you get that familiar food call, and you’re pretty sure it will get through this time.

Legendary spiritual author, Eckart Tolle says:

Whatever you fight you strengthen and what you resist persists.

He is right. So wrestling with food is a lost battle.

So how do you stop cravings without fighting them?
Once you know how to make your mind, emotions and body work 100% for you and not against you, controlling cravings becomes easy.

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