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Sara Binged every night, vacuuming the kitchen from anything that had the faintest chocolate flavor.

Shareen would rush home famished after sometimes 12-hour workdays trying her best NOT to rush to the closest drive-in restaurant on the way home which usually lead to a double cheeseburger, extra fries, colas, and an ice-cream bucket lying on the passenger seat... but not for very long.

Pat would graze several times throughout the day and binge on weekends...

And, like all the clients I have worked with
they all wanted to change
they all had massive doubts about their capacity to ever recover
they were all trying the wrong solutions
they were all feeling resentful towards themselves
they all found peace with food using the exact same steps...

They all had unique reasons to binge, or eat emotionally.

They were all different

And, yet, the same process gave them the relief they had been desperate to find.

Which means...

If you have any courage and desire...

the only thing that separates you from Shareen, Sara's and, Pat case-studies and the peace with food that you want is a proven food peace roadmap and a sherpa showing you how to use it.

Yes, I said courage because the ride requires you to look at old habits, beliefs, and fears differently and accept the temporary discomfort that comes with any change.

So, I know this roadmap is not for everyone.
I know some people want to change without doing the changing part...
And, ​this is not what ​this is about.

Only, a proven roadmap with a solid track record.

The good news is that this roadmap can be easily understood by reading this simple PDF.

It's the exact steps that moved Shareen, Sara and, Pat for desperate and drained out to relieved and ready to live life to the fullest.

​And it will be reaching your email box in a few seconds,


Laura Houssain.


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