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SECRET # 3: BINGE EATING HAPPENS FOR A REASON...  (It's not what you think)

Earlier, I said "one part of you wants you to binge while another one does not. And, the part that wants you to binge has the upper hand. "

If you have already endured the internal push-pull tension during a craving, you know exactly how this feels. 

Some people binge or eat mindlessly without resistance. Usually, this happens when they lose faith in their ability to stop themsleves or to face life without emotional eating.

In any case, you probably feel like it's a good idea to overeat right before you start (at least for a second). 

Maybe you want to silence the food chatter in your head or, numb a distressful feeling, stop obsessing on food, soothe an aching craving, release some pressure, have a "slice of fun" or you just feel like eating.

There always seems to be a good reason to binge right before we do.

Why is that?

I'm glad you asked. :) 

That's because the part of you who wants you to binge thinks that binge eating is a very good idea. 

It believes compulsive eating is good for you.

This part of yourself is actually trying to help you the best it can.

Shocking! I know.

For example, the body comes equipped with a natural survival system which triggers binges when it notices your food supply is not sufficient, diverse, or consistent enough. 

So, binge eating can be the byproduct of dieting. 

You reduce calories or/and restrict food. After a while the body notices it doesn't have enough food supply and goes in binge mode to help you survive... 

But we've only scratched the surface here.

There are many reasons why people binge and there usually are several reasons for one person.


If you are serious about finding peace with food, you have two options:

Fight against the part of you that wants you to binge or figure out a way to make it stop wanting to binge.

Which one do you think is the easiest?

Option one is a draining inner battle that monopolizes your energy, your time, your mind-space and has a 2% to 5% chance to succeed in the long-run.

It comes with the benefit of distracting you from your life... So, if you are scared to face your fears, this food war gives you a perfect excuse to stop growing and pursuing your dreams.

But if you're done fighting or if you don't want to look back at your life on your dying bed filled with regrets because you wasted so much of your time and energy on fighting food, maybe you want to look at the second option.

If so, read on. 

Instead of introducing another meal plan

Instead of telling you to eat mindfully hoping this will stop binge eating

Instead of giving you another pep talk about the virtues of self-discipline

Instead of telling you to soothe your feelings with a bath, a phone call or a walk

Instead of telling you to wait for your food urges to finally give you a break

Instead of telling you to call yourself a pig when you feel like overeating

I do something else.

It's something that is heavily based on human psychology,

It's kind. It's gentle. It's loving.

It undoes, dismantles the desire to binge

It makes fighting irrelevant

And, gives you the opportunity to thrive

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