Tired of Constantly Either Restricting or Binge Eating?

Become ​a Self-Acceptance SuperStar in 90 Days

So You Can End the Diet-Binge Cycle,

Enjoy Eating  With Satisfacion & Moderation and 

 Feel Fabulous in Your Skin Effortlessly!

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Your First Day As a Self-Acceptance SuperStar & Normal Eater

After 90 Days of Using My Fail-Proof, Self-Acceptance System:

  • You wake up energized, looking forward to your day and loving yourself.
  • You enjoy dressing-up.
  • You smile when you catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror.
  • You're relaxed, poised and confident.
  • You stand tall and walk decisively.
  • You look forward to your next night out, date, family reunion.
  • You show your true self, and express your feelings, needs and wants with assertiveness.
  • You're relaxed, poised and confident.
  • You accept that your body weight can fluctuate from time to time and you're OK with it.
  • You're attuned to your internal rythms and attend to your need for leisure and downtime.
body love, self-acceptance

  • You are patient with yourself because ultimately you trust in your ability to figure things out. Intuitive eating starts to make sense to you.
  • Food doesn't matter that much anymore anyway... You focus on what exciting things you can do in life and set them in motion.
  • You gradually adapt your diet, habits and lifestyle to stay at a weight that feels comfortable for you. 
  • Your relationships improve. You set healthy boudaries with people and command respect.
  • You're a role model for the people around you and a few secretly envy you.

Now, you may be wondering. How am I going to do this?

With this Program You Get:

The mindset of a normal eater.

The exact steps you need to follow to become a Self-Acceptance SuperStar (no guessing). 

Super fast transformational techniques you can’t find anywhere else.

Your own support team. 

Video training, cheat sheets, and reminders. 

An automatic system that beautifully incorporates into your busy schedule without you even having to think about it. 

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Get On the VIP List so you can jump ahead of the line and access it before it is available to the public 

Laura Houssain, Creator of the Food Peace Switch and the Sphinx Technique: 

I help women who binge and diet compulsively create normal eating habits, feel fabulous in their skin, build a strong and healthy self-image and self-confidence, empower themselves over their emotions and life, and restore their energy levels using psychology, personal transformation techniques, and simple tactics.

I have recovered from several addictions: sugar, smoking, love, and procrastination. But I couldn’t have done it without the techniques and knowledge I have gathered through the years. I have discovered that you need to follow a specific process in a precise order to permanently change any habit.

Now you can:

Steal that process.

Swipe my formula.

Save yourself the years of agony and wasted efforts.

Be a darling. Share this with someone you love who battles with food.

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