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Last week, I shared with you how I was able to easily silence something which felt like a massive negative self-talk attack…
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//And, I promised you, I would share with you the first step…
the exact thing you need to do to quiet this inner-battle with food…
So, I’ll do this today.//

The funny end of my subway panic attack story is that
I met someone in this Meetup who was a massive source of inspiration to me…
It’s the kind of encounter that can gear your life in an entirely new direction.

So the pearls of wisdom I received from this experience are:

1 when you don’t know what to do, go talk to people who know more than you… (no matter how intimidating).

2 If you think something can help you get closer to that big burning desire in your heart, then it’s not optional.
It’s a must no matter how scary…

3 Fear is often a good sign that you’re heading in the right direction. Don’t let it stop you. Keep going.

And, if your big goal this year is to make peace with food
here is how you can start your journey to get results fast.

become self-aware
become brutally and kindly honest with yourself

Now, you may be thinking, how about being committed and strong-willed?

These are good and necessary.

If you are serious about reaching any goal,
you need to be committed to that goal
and, you need to learn to “embrace the suck”…
In other words, you need to accept to tolerate some discomfort…

But to start your journey towards peace with food…

The only commitment you need to make at the time is:

to become and remain self-aware
to become and remain brutally and kindly honest with yourself
(especially before, during and after a binge… But not only!)

// Shocking! Isn’t it?
Building these two skills come BEFORE any attempt to stop binge eating!
I’m not going to get into why right now because it’s an entirely new subject…//

I shared my story with you because I wanted to show you that..
you don’t have to react to your emotions, impulses, negative self-talk, and cravings…
the way you have.

You can change!

And if you’re tired of feeling controlled by food…
You can change that!
Like I changed the way I reacted to negative self-talk.

And, if you want to learn how to make peace with food effortlessly…
start building those two skills right now.

Much Love,

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Thanks for reading!
P.S. If you’re thinking OK but how do I build these skills?
I’ll show you how to get started with raising your self-awareness in the next email…
I promised you a gift. Didn’t I?
So, it’s coming to your email box before Xmas… 🙂 Thanks for reading!