Overcome Chocolate Cravings in 8 minutes and Beat Chocolate Addiction Fast & Easy

If you are afraid your taste for chocolate will make you gain weight or cause bad side-effects, like damaging your teeth

Stop chocolate cravings and binges in as little as 8 minutes. And, discover the exact 7 steps I used to recover from chocolate addiction and to stop binge eating chocolate during PMS   #stopcravings #chocolate #bingeeating #stopbingeeating #makepeacewithfood #laurahoussainRead More

Stop Binging And Overeating Permanently With Four Easy Steps

If you’re serious about eliminating binge eating, food addiction, and emotional eating for good, you have to learn

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How To Stop Food Cravings, Emotional Eating And Weight-Gain During PMS And Menstruation

I used to have huge chocolate cravings during PMS. They were so uncontrollable that I could eat a whole chocolate bar, not

Discover how to stop food cravings and emotional eating during PMS and menstruation to prevent weight-gain with my simple formula. It has helped me tremendously. (included lifestyle, diet and coaching tips + Free training to stop cravings in 8 minutes) #stopcravings #emotionaleating #PMS #stopweightgain #laurahoussain #findpeacewithfoodRead More

Stop Mindless Eating Fast and Lose Weight Without Trying

If you’ve ever eaten a whole bag or pack of food only to realize it once all the food was gone, you’ve experienced

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How to Stop Overeating, Sugar Cravings and Beat Depression without Drugs

I’ve overcome emotional eating and depression several times in my life. I want to share with you now how I did it

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Hunger or Cravings? Stop Uncontrollable Cravings and Reclaim Control Over Food & Your Weight

One of the biggest caveats for compulsive eaters is to understand the difference between cravings and hunger. After years

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How to Stop Eating at Night and Start Losing Weight

If you have a tendency to eat a lot or feel hungry at night time, you are sure to hurt your weight-loss goals. I do eat

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How to Stop Eating at Work

If you’ve been wondering how do I stop eating at work, here are some very simple steps you can follow to stop eating

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How to Stop Craving Sweets and Eating too Much Sugar

If you want to stop craving sweets and eating too much sugar, here is my plan to stop sugar cravings permanently. I have

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Ditch New Year Resolutions! Learn Fail-Proof Goal Setting Techniques and How to Get What You Want

I know most of my clients want to change the way they eat, lose weight, and look their best. They set very specific goals

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