Yoohoo! So You Want Me to Coach You. Here’s What’s Next

Wooohooooooo! So you’ve decided to save yourself years of going in circles, strain, struggle, disappointment, desperate nights, post-binge shame, worry, and dread and finally put an end to overeating with a coach by your side.

I say brilliant! Because trying to break free from food addiction alone can be down-on-your-knees draining, debilitating, and frustrating.


I have worked with several women who had been enslaved to food for over 30 years before meeting me. They were exhausted and hated themselves for it. But no matter what they did, they just couldn’t stop. They contacted me filled with self-doubt and fear of failure.

But after working only a few weeks with me, they were feeling relieved, confident they could change and experiencing their first breakthrough.

And I’m pretty confident that you will as well.

How can I be so confident? Compulsive behaviors used to rule my life. And after years of attempts and failures, trials and errors, I came up with a flexible system that cured all of them. I adapted this system to each person I worked with. And, it’s their feedback that gave me the faith I have in what I do today.

So, if you are ready to put an end to binge + emotional + mindless eating and maybe also restricting, overexercising and the shame, and bitter disappointment that comes with it, let’s get on the phone together.


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