How to Recover From Binge Drinking and Binge Eating at a Party?

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Here are my tips for recovering from binge drinking and binge eating after a big party, like New Year’s Eve. They will help you feel better, faster and prevent further compulsive eating, fasting or dieting, food cravings and guilt trips.

If you’ve had too much to eat or drink, detox; but whatever you do don’t skip a meal.

My favorite remedies for recovering quickly and eliminating sugar cravings:

Leek soup: Use three leeks and one small potato, if you must, and some broth. We have used this quite successfully in our families to detoxify after the holiday season.

Spirulina: Spirulina removes acidity from the stomach and acts as a probiotic. It is also a good source of protein. It’s great to have together with the leek soup.

Fresh water: Alcohol and sugar are both dehydrating. So stay away from sugar, coffee, and teas today. Have at least twelve glasses of plain water instead.

Organic apple cider vinegar: I use it to detoxify. Have a glass of water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before meals for a few days. It will help you flush the bowels and detoxify the body.

Sleep: Make sure you get some good sleep. Go for a walk during the daytime first if you feel sluggish. It will help you sleep better at night.

Exercise: As I just mentioned above, I like to practice brisk walking, but any exercise will do. Do your exercising during the daytime for maximum benefit. Visit my Pinterest profile, if you’re looking for fast and intense exercise videos to fit your busy schedule.

Vitamin C: Take pure ascorbic acid three times a day before 5:00 p.m. It will help your liver detoxify. I can take up to eight grams a day, but that is considered way too high by conventional medicine.

Magnesium: Take a glass of magnesium chloride water (20 grams of magnesium chloride in roughly two pints of water) half an hour before bedtime. It will help you sleep better and restore your magnesium levels to normal.

Cinnamon: If you’ve had a lot of sugar or alcohol, take one tablespoon of cinnamon per day. I mix it with a teaspoon of dehydrated wheat grass juice, but that’s optional. It helps detoxify even more. Cinnamon helps reduce the body’s inflammatory response to drinking and overeating, and it helps regulate sugar levels.

Organic carrots: If you have had a lot of alcohol during the holidays, try having three fresh organic carrots at breakfast in the morning. Don’t eat anything else for two hours. I did that for a week and felt really amazed with the extra level of energy I had. I learned later that carrots on an empty stomach are an amazing liver detoxifier. Many people drink carrot juice, but the fibers in carrots will help you feel less hungry. Have more if you’re feeling hungry.

Eat regularly: Avoid eating food based on grains or sugars, or processed foods. Whatever you do, eat three meals a day.

Ginger juice: I like to juice ginger in my juicer and mix it with carrot juice and lemon juice. It helps prevent inflammation of the colon, supports digestion, fights nausea and migraines.

As soon as you’re feeling better, try to work out every day and practice deep breathing. It will support your liver and your glands even more.


How to recover from binge eating or drinking at a party if you’re an emotional eater:

If you’re an emotional eater, you may feel overly guilty after a party and be tempted to fall into the compulsive diet trap, or worse—fasting. If that’s the case, please read my article about compulsive eating, diets and the big fat lie.

I read an article that stated it’s scientifically proven that it’s OK to fast after a binge. It may be biologically true, but I think fasting will only promote the yo-yo dieting pattern most compulsive eaters fall for. That’s why I started the previous section saying whatever you do, eat regularly (don’t skip a meal). You may eat far less than you normally eat, but eat nonetheless. It’s OK not to feel really hungry, but have a little something.

I think it’s much better that you address the guilt in a healthy way. Humans normally eat and drink more during certain occasions. That’s OK, and it’s nothing your body can’t handle; you can’t destroy your figure in one night. However, binge eaters and emotion eaters tend to go through loops of unnecessary self-blame and guilt trips.

Now, try to remember what you ate over the past few days, and try to get a sense of what was feasting and what was binging? It doesn’t have to be perfect. Go over the past few days and try to recall when you had an emotion that could have led you to eat beyond reasonable limits for a party.

Write down all the thoughts, feelings, moments, and foods you have remembered. If nothing comes to mind, practice deep breathing with your hand peacefully resting on your heart and wait to be guided. You’ll probably hear a thought or think of a particular moment after a while. Make a note of it and go on.

When you’re done, read your list out loud. How does it feel? Do you get a sense of guilt, despair, or helplessness? Do you hate yourself for overeating and just feel like starving yourself as a punishment? Try this instead:

As your hand is resting on your heart and you’re breathing peacefully, say: “I forgive myself now.”

To forgive yourself is just a first step. Now you have to make a commitment. Say: “I choose to eat reasonably now.”

To eliminate any remaining self-hate say: “I’m a good person and I deserve to eat normally now.”

To get your focus back on track say: “I’m happy to be who I am and I utterly love and respect myself now.”

Self-hate and guilt will only shut yourself off even more from that powerful part of you that is all loving and doesn’t need food to feel better.

Now, with your hand still resting on your heart, repeat at least three times:

“I’m committed to my success.”

“I can and deserve to succeed and have everything I want.”

Now repeat three times:

“I’m ready to eat normally now.

I feel happy and grateful that I eat so normally and peacefully now.”

You can repeat the whole process three times a day for 21 days to make 2014, your best year ever. Of course, you must take action and do your best to eat as normally as you can in the meantime.

Follow all the steps above and you will flush out toxins, normalize your appetite, take back control over the way you eat, and feel really proud of the results.

I want you to feel yourself wondering: “Well, if I can do this, what else can I do?” Big results always start with baby steps, so take action now and tell me how it goes in the comments below.

Take action. Start now. Have a glass of water, and decide to feel good about yourself while drinking it.

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