How I took the control back (an how you can too) (3 of 4)


So now is the time for me to reveal
how I quieted this nagging, vile, belittling voice effortlessly!
(read my previous email “this changes everything!” for the full story).

I was on my way to a meetup…
that was hosted by a prestigious agile consulting firm…
in a jam-packed subway coach.

And, I knew there would professionals who could judge me in that Meetup.
That was stressful.

I could sense the same fear that had caused me to burn out…
I was about 20 minutes away when…
I heard this voice telling me
I was not good enough…
They would find out…

Typical imposter-syndrome thinking.
I could feel the tension in my chest…
And, as I got closer
the voice got louder…
I was so panicky
I felt like running back home…

And now someone was screaming
in between my ears…

“You’re not good enough”
“You’re never going to be good enough”

That’s when I decided to put my new learnings to the test.

* I assumed this voice was trying to HELP.
* I assumed it was trying to keep me safe from rejection and humiliation.
* I suspected it was bullying me so no one else would
So, our conversation started like this…

“I know you’re scared.
I know you fear I am not good enough…

I know we’ll be a rookie among experts.
And, you’re scared you may be rejected again.
You’re afraid they may criticize or look down on you.
And, I get this.

I get you’re trying to help me the best you can.
But this is not what I need right now.
Please give me the benefit of the doubt…”

And, I went on like this…
until the voice fell silent and anxiety diminished.

I arrived at that Meetup relaxed.
I expected the voice to return at the slightest faux-pas…
But, it never did.
And, I had a great time!

I was amazed!

Before you attempt to do this on your own, I have to warn you…
It was very easy because I have already built a specific skill.

The good news is…
I’ll share with you the #1 skill that helped me achieve that in the next email. 😉

And the second good news is…
that you can build this skill very easily in just a few days.

Right now, I just want you to know that
you can silence the voice that says…

“eat, cookie now!”
“kitchen, go now!”

or an old fear like
“you, not  pretty enough”

You can make it go away effortlessly!

Just like I silenced mine on that subway.


How I took the control back (an how you can too) (3 of 4) – laura HOUSSAIN signature2 – image

P.S.: knowing how to quiet your mind like this is life-changing!
And, I’m going to reveal to you how you can get started right now in my next email…

(and it should have reached your email box by now… Look for “peace with food (start here in the subject line).”)

Thanks for reading!