How Sara Stopped Binge Eating in Five Days! 
without  Using Willpower or Restriction
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The 100% FREE, no-obligation, behind-the-scene, proven framework that I used to help Sara stop binge eating in one 90-minute session.

Finally Revealed:

  • How you can regain control over food without really trying
  • Which top recommended strategy is completely useless to stop binge eating
  • The exact steps Sara took to stop binge eating effortlessly in 5 days even though she had binged every night  for months before reaching out to me.

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Hi, I am Laura Houssain

I have recovered from several addictions and compulsive behaviors: sugar, smoking, approval, and procrastination — to name a few. Now, I help women find permanent relief from overeating, create positive eating habits, improve their self-image and self-confidence, and empower themselves over their emotions and life.

I have discovered that a set of simple hacks and techniques, which when combined in a precise order and sequence, can help anyone permanently change any habit effortlessly.
It took me seven years of dedicated effort to find this formula.

And, Now you can:
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Save yourself the years of agony and wasted efforts

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