Here is Your Binge Eating Recovery Toolkit:

Binge eating recovery toolkit

If you want to put an end to binge eating, you need to:

  • 1. Accept that you are addicted, and that means you can’t change overnight, you have lost control, and your addictive personality is playing you.
  • 2. Be willing to search within you and observe how you react to your thoughts, emotions, and triggers
  • 3. Discern all the lies your addictive personality is feeding you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with brutal honesty
  • 4. Radically accept who you are particularly when you want to reject yourself for “being bad.”
  • 5. Be curious about yourself and willing to change how you treat yourself and build some new skills
  • 6. Be willing to try something new because new results require a new approach and a new you.

More on tips to stop binge eating here.

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