I’m half French, half Spanish, but I’ll tell you more about that in a moment. What I want you to know right now is that…

My goal is to
Set you free from any form of addiction including, smoking, compulsive eating, binge eating, emotional eating, food addiction and cravings,

and show you how to…

  • lose weight permanently
  • stay thin for the rest of your life
  • look younger longer
  • feel exquisitely well about your body and yourself
  • create a FUN and EXCITING life
  • gain your self-confidence and your energy back to do all the things you’ve ever wanted
  • add loads of excitement, pleasure, fun and joy in your life
  • embrace your irresistible, feminine sexiness (especially if reading these words make you laugh with distrust)
  • become your number one supporter and friend

and more importantly


The truth is, it’s super easy to stop eating compulsively and annihilate most addiction strikingly quickly. It’s so easy that binge eating, carbohydrates, sugar, chocolate…. addictions and cravings often melt away in as little as one breakthrough session with me.  Of course, results may vary, but many of my clients results far exceeded what I had expected at first.  Just imagine 2 years, 15 years, and sometimes almost lifetimes of compulsive eating gone in just 2 hours.

I have come to terms with emotional eating twice, quite easily. I heard reports of how hard it was, how difficult to let go of, and even read countless reports explaining why it was so hard.  The truth is, I don’t believe it’s hard! Whether it was smoking or holding on to really poor eating habits, once I decided to stop, I did.  I didn’t use willpower or listen to the people who said it was hard or excruciatingly painful. I listened to the ones who said it was easy, integrated their methods with mine, and achieved the results I wanted effortlessly.

How I Mastered of My Own Addictions and Managed to Stay Thin With No Effort

I quit smoking and emotional eating quite easily but until recently, I had a long history of addictions: sugar addiction, smoking, love addiction and co-dependency, procrastination, tarot card reading, sleep, depression, and self-sabotage and low self-esteem.

You may be surprised that I call low self-esteem an addiction, but the truth to me is if you can’t let go of something that doesn’t serve you, you’re addicted to it.  Why on earth would you keep thinking poorly of yourself every day?  There is no pleasure or joy in it.  Why would you keep torturing yourself mentally if a part of you wasn’t hooked to that mental habit?

Making poor mental choices about how you see yourself, your body, and the World, is self-detrimental. I know you’re wise enough to know that.

I knew it as well, yet every day I kept myself hooked to unhealthy limiting beliefs and mental habits for years.  Somehow, I (or someone else) had convinced me that I was broken in some way and that I needed to be fixed.

Then I went from needing to be fixed to needing a fix.

The first fix I created in my early childhood was to escape to fantasy land…which is not always useful if you want to do something with your life.  In your case, it might have been eating for comfort.

I was a very quiet child, observing everyone around me with scrutiny.  I have seen most human beings I grew up with go through the same self-destructive patterns, choosing less than optimal beliefs and thoughts for themselves. I don’t believe I lived in a strange and unusual place filled with weird people, so I came to the conclusion that it was part of human experienced and couldn’t be changed.

Fortunately for me, some wiser people than I observed the same things and decided that life could be much more exciting and fun than most people settled for.  They didn’t believe that fifteen years of therapy was an acceptable answer.  This idea was visionary for their time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people had called them mad.  I call them a blessing, because they created techniques (some even before I was born) that have helped me make my life exponentially better.

Most of my life, I kept feeling trapped: living in a mental prison, hopping from one addiction to another.  I was convinced I was the prisoner of my mischievous mind. It would be hard, long, and painful to escape, that I had to fix everything and look at everything that was wrong.  Of course that was a BIG MISTAKE!

Maybe you feel a bit like that at the idea of losing weight, eating less, or feeling absolutely fabulous about yourself: trapped, unable to, stuck with no way out.  “Maybe if I focus on what’s wrong long enough and try to find the perfect fix, maybe I’ll get thin”…that’s FALSE.  That’s not how you get what you want in life; if you keep hanging on to that idea, you keep yourself trapped.

Once I relinquished the belief that I couldn’t change, my life started becoming happier and fuller, exponentially every day, to the point that sometimes I’m ecstatically happy for no reason.

Most of my addictions vanished the same way they came: through my mind.  Of course, I used revolutionary techniques to learn new ways of thinking and made sure they would last.  I no longer believed in the conventional thinking, that it had to be hard, painful, or nearly impossible.

At first, I had to adjust and adapt to stay clear from the old ways. but I can’t call this agonizing or traumatizing.  I’m still using the same techniques today (and integrating new ones) and it keeps getting better and better.

You see, to me addiction dies when you start deliberately choosing what you think, feel, say, and do. Until you do that, you live on auto-pilot, using the strategies of a child living a life of an adult. Usually, that’s not productive. I’m not going to get into the details of why now, mainly because this is my about me page.

Why I Will Stay Thin All My Life…(It’s not what you think)

I’ve been observing women the same way I observed people while I was growing up. I have come to the conclusion that they are way too hard on themselves and their bodies.

Fortunately for me, I can have a very independent mind at times.  For example, I decided to stop reading women’s magazines by the age of 17 because each time I did, I started looking at myself in the mirror and felt bad about they way I looked.  I came to the conclusion that women’s magazines made me feel bad about myself and I wouldn’t pay for such poor service.  Exit the magazines!  Later, I met a friend whose job was to reshape the bodies of models with Photoshop.  He would make them look much skinnier than they were.  He told me, “the whole fashion industry is a fraud”.  I’m glad I figured that out when I was 17.

When I was 19, I did a bit of modeling and started dieting really seriously for about 48 hours. The truth is I failed miserably at dieting: just the thought of it makes me binge. Now, I consider that a blessing.

I haven’t met any woman who was overweight and unhappy about it who had never gone through a serious diet.  Actually, I spoke to a fitness instructor who couldn’t really understand why she was binge eating after eating so perfectly for two years.  Two years of deprivation and restrictions?…I have no doubt.  Restrict your diet too much and you’ll pay for it later at some point.  My point was at 48 hours; hers was at two years.

I believe I have what I call the Thin Girl Mentality.  I don’t restrict myself, nor indulge too much, and I don’t get all my pleasure from food.

I make smart choices every day and sometimes making smart choices is eating a slice of cheese cake.  The truth is that unless you have an extraordinary metabolism, skinny is the enemy of permanently thin.  You don’t want to ever look skinny or you’ll get fat.

I believe if you want to stay really thin for the rest of your life, you have to start thinking differently about food, your body, and yourselfand start tossing away anything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself today.  Even if that thing is some voice in your head.

The only diet you should take is the “high self-esteem, I love myself and my life, let’s have a load of fun” diet.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you will change once you’ll stop focusing on how fat or bad you are and what you should do about it. That was a big revelation for me.

You may not even notice it at first, but you’ll have stepped in the permanent thin girl zone, and she doesn’t obsess about food and dieting all day.

Getting thin should be one of the last things on your radar right now.  Lasting results always start with learning how to take better care of yourself.  If you suffer from any form of compulsive eating, you have to take care of that first.  There is no point in changing your diet if it leads to binge eating sprees.  That’s just setting you up for defeat.

If you don’t suffer from emotional eating, things can be even simpler.  For one of my clients, it was just finding practical ways to manage cooking and grocery shopping.  She hadn’t taken the time to really consider her options. She kept doing the same old thing, which was pretty much snacking all day…. not a good idea for weight control.  Also, she was overworked and needed to change her business structure.  She was in the process of doing so when I met her.  Yet we still had to find ways to drastically improve her diet that could fit in her hectic lifestyle.

Once you start looking at things differently, obvious solutions will appear.

My goal is to help you think differently so that you start enjoying what you have, create even more joy and pleasure in your life, and be a light to those around you…all that without trying so hard.

When you start shining your light, you become sexy and attractive, and even you like yourself more. People will want to be around you and men will start courting you more (no matter how fat you think you look).

Men and women will want a part of that light they see in you and your role will be to keep shinning like a diamond, the beautiful and amazing woman that you are.  Before you know it, the acts of counting calories and weighing yourself frantically will be ancient history.

When you look ahead instead at your feet, your whole world expands.  It’s a magical moment, like the birth of a rare and precious being…and that being is the woman you are.

My Secret for Staying Thin

If you want to stay thin for life, you’ll have to give up binge eating AND “binge dieting” at the same time.

I want you to experience mental shifts so you never buy another dozen fitness and diet programs, yet still get and stay thin for life.  But that’s not enough alone.

By the way I’m not a nutritionist or a fitness instructor. I own about two fitness videos. I bought the first one second hand for 5€ and downloaded the other one for free. With a pair of dumbbells and a rebounder, that’s about all my fitness equipment.  I do exercise, but only a little.  I do it for many reasons: I want to reduce stress, look younger longer, have a firm body, because it’s fun…not because I ate too much cheesecake (that’s a free tip).

You can stay thin for life with very simple nutrition guidelines and basic fitness knowledge.  That’s what I do and I don’t have a super high metabolism.  If I stop following those guidelines for too long, I put on weight.

Easy, simple and fun is ALWAYS better

The truth is, being thin doesn’t have to be hard.

Being thin can be really easy.

Believe it and you’ll start losing weight right away.

Here is my philosophy:
When I eat well, I feel proud and happy.  When I eat a lemon tart or chocolate fondant, I’m happy and I enjoy it.  When I’m not hungry, I don’t eat.  I eat regularly.  When I’m hungry, I eat.  When I exercise, I try to make it fun.  If I gain weight, I don’t think about it too much.  I take action and change a few things for a while.  Does that sound simple enough?

Do you still believe you have to find the perfect this and that to stay thin for the rest of your life?  No?  Congratulations.  Yes?  Then when are you going to decide to let go of that crappy belief that’s keeping you overweight?

Become, Thin, Irresistible, Fulfilled and Happy

I’m not perfectly thin and I don’t give a sh*** (pardon my French 😉 ).

The truth is you can feel confident and sexy right now and start placing fun and excitement back at the center of your life.  That’s the secret to becoming irresistible… irresistibly happy… and a magnet for good, positive people and experiences that will support your dreams.

I told you earlier that I didn’t believe it would have to be hard to quit smoking, and that I did it cold turkey, 0 willpower but with 100% success. To this day, about thirteen years later, I might have experienced three tiny little cravings that lasted about 20 seconds each.

The same thing happened with my sugar addiction. Once I started addressing the real cause of the problem, which was at least 80% emotional, the addiction evaporated.  It happened really quickly as well.  I lost weight.  I can’t tell you how much because I never weigh myself.

That’s one insider’s tip of the naturally thin girl – “never weigh yourself”.  Your clothes will tell you the truth anyway.

Why I’m doing this

Now you know about more about me, what I do, and what I want to bring you. I’d also like to tell you why I’m doing this with all my heart and passion.

I come from a family of female martyrs from my Spanish side, a long line of women who only lived for the sake of others, with no personal boundaries and sense of fun and joy for their lives. My great-grandmother was unhappy and obese.

I know I limited my own success for years because I grew up with beliefs like, “I’m not supposed to shine. Men will notice and it will be dangerous…women shouldn’t have wealth on their own.”

They look stupid today, but not so long ago they were controlling my life without my being aware of it.

I do love men, but my message is to tell women that they can have wonderful, fulfilling lives and still be good enough for others. The secret is always stay centered in the joy of being you and knowing that, as a woman, you get to cherish your needs and emotions first. By doing so, you’re training your partner, friends, and colleagues to do the same.  You also inspire other women to do the same.  That changes the game, the place of women in society, and most importantly their own lives.

As you can see, I want to do much more than to help you stay thin. I want you to shine the beautiful, happy, and irresistible woman you already, are and delight in it.

My training:

I have studied Matrix reimprinting and EFT (emotional freedom technique) with Karl Dawson, an EFT master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting.  I’ve also studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with Richard Bandler.

That looks good on paper, but I think that my value as a coach is my undying faith in the human nature: my innate intuition, my insatiable curiosity and desire to improve, learn, and better myself, and the belief that anyone, including yourself, CAN.

Perfection to me is not a goal, but improvement is.  That’s how I have become the person I am today.  I have never given up and settled for a dream that wasn’t my own.