Coach With Laura

Who Else Wants to Feel Completely Relaxed around Food, Enjoy Eating Without Excess, Guilt or Remorse and Feel Comfortable in Their Skin?

If you are committed to transforming your relationship with food so that you are fully at peace with it, relish being in your body, feel energized, enthusiastic and fully satisfied, I have good news for you. There is nothing faster and more efficient than private coaching.

If you want to get a sense of the value you’re getting, read testimonials from my happy clients here.

My experience has made me 100% confident I can help any mentally healthy woman who feels comfortable confiding in me and is ready to transform her relationship with food.

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If you are ready to go ahead and use me as your guide to transforming your relationship with food forever, click here now to get started.. You will be redirected to a page with all the details you need to schedule an appointment with me or send me a message using my contact form at  and send me a message with your time zone and phone number.

What Are You Getting?

My undivided attention, access to my email box, priority reply, and detailed instructions. I read every e-mail, answer your questions and give you guidance in between sessions. You may also receive access to my online programs and coaching group calls.

What Is the Investment?

My prices will vary with time. The maximum I charge for now is $6000 for 1:1 coaching with me over several months. I also offer smaller packages and have a range of options that will most likely fit your budget. But before, we can decide what is right for you, I need to talk to you so that I can assess how much help you need to get permanent results.

I have limited time so I chose to focus on helping women to whom I feel I can give the best results. Your commitment and readiness are very important factors for me. That’s why I prefer working with people who are familiar with my blog, newsletter, and/or community. This way I know my approach resonates with them and they are ready to change.

So if you want to get the same phenomenal results that Leah got with me

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