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The Effortless BINGE & EMOTIONAL EATING RECOVERY SECRETS They don't want you to know

Do you feel like you can't stop eating and that you've tried everything there was in your power to control yourself. But sooner than later you can't or won't resist this nagging urge for food. If so, you're in the right place.

And I strongly suggest you grab my cheat sheet and walk-through video about the overeating drives. It focuses on the psychology of binge eating and emotional eating and reveals the exact same knowledge I use to help my clients recover without fighting a single craving.

Unfortunately, most people don't know this... so they stay stuck with very little hope to break free. But there is more than hope. There is an easy and effortless way to recovery. And, it starts by understanding your overeating drives.


This is My Simple Approach to Finding Peace With  Food

Everything I do is based on the principles of personal transformation (it’s a bit like alchemy!):

Bring to Awareness





shift and change



When you bring your awareness on how you created the situation that you’re in, embrace all of you, and shift the decisions that you made about yourself and the world and the behaviors that resulted from them, you grow out of your previous situation just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly… You have permanently changed, and so has your relationship with food, your body, and the world. And, the good news is it can be easy!

Become a Bliss Harvester

Find peace with food, eat all the foods you love without guilt or worry, radiate confidence, get remarkable results effortlessly… and live a life of massive personal freedom.

woman countryside

NEUTRALIZE YOUR binge eating DRIVE (so that it is gone forever)

 It may surprise you. But you don't have to fight food (actually this usually makes things worse) to recover from binge eating. Genuine, permanent recovery goes beyond just stopping binge eating. It releases the desire to overeat permanently... 

woman who stopped binge eating

IT IS your birthright to feel fabulous in your skin & AT PEACE WITH FOOD

Binge eating or emotional overeating eventually creates loads of unnecessary guilt, shame and self-rejection.  It is time for you to unburden yourself. Claim your birthright to feel fabulous in your skin and blessed being you.

You know you deserve it (even if you may currently have a few doubts about it). 

I'm creating a brand new coaching group. If you want me to help with your food peace game plan, you can pre-register here so you get notified when the group opens before anyone else.

The Ultimate  Food Peace Roadmap

Your lifesaver program to finding peace with food without blood, sweat and tears in as little as 90 days.

Ultimate Food Peace Roadmap Cheat-Sheet

The Ultimate 90-Day Food Peace Roadmap is a nine-step online coaching program designed to help you undo binge eating, make peace with food, and restore your self-confidence permanently with ease.


And, I’m kind of multiple-addiction recovery hero. I used to engulf vast amounts of cookies and sweets while binge-watching TV and chain-smoking every-night. I know the pain of losing control over food, being a doormat,  hating yourself, and feeling undesirable and ashamed of your body and yourself… and the path to finding peace with food and feeling fabulous in your skin.

I'm all about removing the very thing that creates compulsive behavior (instead of fighting it). It can feel a bit like magic. (Maybe, that's because I'm a bit magical.) And, it’s based on years of experience and over twenty years of scientific research.

I’m French. I hope you will forgive my occasional English writing slip-ups. And, you’ll enjoy the authenticity of my unfiltered expression.

Laura  Binge eating  recovery Coach

Being raised in France and a former expat (in the U.S.) has helped me understand how our culture of origin influences how we eat and feel about our bodies… and why so many women fight food. 

My utmost desire is to guide you to the blissful shores of being at peace with food and feeling fabulous in your skin become a source of inspiration to the people around you. And, I rejoice at the idea of using all the gifts that were given to me: my unconditional faith in you, my intuition and inner guidance and the immense and undescribable love that has supported me throughout my life. This is what I call my magic... because it transmutes pain into peace, and joy.

If you're an ambitious, warmhearted woman with the desire to thrive as you see fit and become an inspiration to your family, your community and other women, I'd love to get this eating pet peeves out of your way so you can blossom and shine your beautiful light on this world.

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