How I Failed My Diet, Binged, Stop Dieting and Never Binged Again (and how you CAN too!)

Today, I’m going to reveal to you how I failed my diet within the first few days, binged, stopped dieting, got thinner,

How I managed to never binge again after failing my diet and experiencing my first #binge. Plus, the four steps you can follow to maintain a healthy weight without dieting I have used in the past 15 years to weight exactly the same weight without dieting. Video + Free mind map #stopbingeeating #stopdieting #bingeating #bingeeatingrecovery #lauarhoussain #neverbingeagain Read More

The Binge Eating and Self-Control Myth Debunked! Yes! You Can Stop Binging (Effortlessly)

Do you think more self-control or self-discipline will help you stop binging and emotional eating? “If I could have

Do you think more self-control will help you stop binging and emotional eating?  If so, stop!  Read this or risk fighting food forever. Seriously!Read More

How I Discovered The Secret to Stop Binge Eating Forever Effortlessly

Want to stop binge eating forever? Here’s how I discovered the formula to stop an addiction effortlessly and permanently.

Want to stop binge eating forever? Here's how I discovered the secret formula to stop any addiction effortlessly and permanently (Free case study PDF + Walkthrough video)Read More

The Unexpected Reason Why You Can't Stop Eating Nobody Tells You

There’s a reason why you can’t stop eating. A reason nobody dares tell you. And that reason is: Somehow, you want

There’s a reason why you can't stop eating. A reason nobody dares tell you.
It may shock you at first. But once you get this, you're free. You stop binge eating. You overcome emotional eating. Food doesn't excite you anymore. Get the full details at
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How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over With Food

Most of the time when we’re about to take a positive action for ourselves, we feel self-doubt and like backing away. Mel

  Tired of eating too much food without control? This over 50-year proven practice will change the way you treat yourself forever. It takes two to five minutes a week and works remarkably well!
This blog post is the last episode on how to use self-nurturing and self-care to break free from binge eating and overeating. In the post, I tell you more about Sarah and the results she's getting...
Read now and grab your free worksheet at and enjoy finding relief, peace, and satisfaction without food.
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Why Self-Care is Vital to Your Binge Eating Recovery & Mental Health

Sarah, an active member of my private community, confided in me that she had binged because she felt no one was there to

Self-care can feel like such a choreRead More

The #1 Overeating Cause Most Overeaters Ignore You Must Know to Recover Permanently

So You Think You Know What Causes Overeating? Guess Again! What you’re about to discover is the least talked about

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How to Stop Overeating Without Willpower

Stopping overeating can be extremely simple once you know how to do this. Get my free cheat sheet now to get started. insert

Here's the Fastest Way to Feel Relaxed and Fully Satisfied Without Overeating, Stress, or Remorse Using a Surprising Method No One Talks About.Read More

How to Overcome Binge Eating Permanently By Building a Growth Mindset

Did you know that your mindset can make or break your chances to overcome binge eating? And if you’ve been struggling

Did you know that your mindset can make or break your chances to stop binge eating and a simple shift can fast forward your recovery days?Read More

How to Stop Binging: The Secret Key to Normal Eating You Must Know!

Now that you know how body shaming hooked you on dieting, I’ll reveal to you how to stop binging using a secret key

Discover How You Too Can Easily Stop Battling With Food. (It's not what you think)
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